Software Development For Enterprises

CompuCare provides a multitude of custom-developed software solutions. We enable businesses to improve their organisation, efficiency, and productivity through the implementation of such softwares. We develop software to meet the needs of each client.

Some Of Our Software Solutions

Time & Attendance Tracking

Track and monitor employees' attendance through the implementation of biometric driven software (finger recognition). Software is highly flexible, taking into consideration multiple aspects of human resource management.

Payroll System

Software to manage salaries and wages for your business' personnel. This is a fundamental component of any business' finances.

Gym Membership System

A software built specifically for gyms, enabling them to track and manage clients' memberships through digital cards.

School Management System

Manage all students' profiles, including their health records, examination performance, and much more. Also, use the software to create lesson schedules, etc.

Open Source Solutions

The term “open source” refers to something people can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible. Users who aren’t programmers also benefit from open source software, because they can use this software for any purpose they wish—not merely the way someone else thinks they should.

At CompuCare, we offer a diverse range of open source software, enabling users to enjoy the full set of benefits available.