SMART247 1080p Wireless IP Security Cameras

Keep an eye on your home / business anywhere, anytime from the web or your smartphone.

SMART247 Security System indoor and outdoor cameras come with the following features: High-quality video, motion-triggered recording and alerts, and PC-free recording with optional microSD™ cards. With  our SMART247 security system, there’s no need to install new wiring. All video is transmitted over your existing electrical wiring and sockets using innovative Homeplugs and Wireless technology.

These cameras have high power night vision illumination so you can see what’s going on in the backyard, driveway or your dark basement at night.

Why IP Cameras?

Motion Detection

Motion automatically triggers image recording and can be set up to send notifications to your e-mail or mobile phone, keeping you informed wherever you are. Also login on a camera’s Web interface from an internet-connected computer, or via the smartphone app.

IR Filters

To deliver sharp video day and night, SMART247 cameras use an IR cut filter. During the day, the IR cut filter is placed in the optical path and eliminates IR light from entering the cameras’ sensor so your cameras capture consistently rich colour video in daylight. 

Night Vision

When it gets dark, the camera sensor, which is actively monitoring light levels, removes the IR cut filter from the optical path and activates the powerful IR illuminators, delivering the best-quality night-vision video. Our cameras offer high-powered night vision that includes best-in-class illumination engineered to optimize video quality.

Interested in our IP Cameras?

Installation and Solutions

We cater for the installation of IP Cameras, as we offer a wide range of solutions based on the area our client wishes to secure. This means that we provide both residential and industrial solutions.